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Our specialty is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

HealthCare Plus compounding bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is an option for women who want to treat their symptoms of menopause more naturally. Bio-identical hormones are derived from a plant oil called diosgenin which is extracted from soy beans and wild yams. It is then chemically altered in a lab to exactly match human hormones. The major hormones include estrogens (Estrone, Estradiol, and Estriol), progesterone, and androgens (testosterone and DHEA). By replacing hormones based on symptoms and objective tests (urine or saliva tests) women may notice an improvement in their symptoms of menopause and overall well being. Finding the right balance of these hormones for each woman is essential for optimal benefits. Our pharmacists will work with each woman individually and her physician to determine the balance that is best for her. The pharmacist will then compound the BHRT formulation in a dosage form deemed most appropriate by the patient and/or patient's physician.

  • Individualized bio-identical hormone replacement
  • Patient education and consultation
  • Physician communication
  • Adjustments of BHRT dose based on patient response
  • Use of bio-identical steroids from well-known manufacturers

Some Traditional Products

  • Time-release analgesic capsules
  • Lollipop-lozenges
  • Podiatric medications
  • Physical therapy products
  • Preservative-free products
  • Lactose-free products
  • Products for which the proper concentration is not commercially available, i.e., they are to concentrated or too dilute
  • The desired dosage form is not available.patient acceptability, e.g., liquids, ointments creams, gels, water soluble bases, etc.
  • Veterinary products

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